Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How was your Christmas?

So Christmas Eve service was a little different this year. We were somewhat disappointed with our church's service this year. It's funny, it is one of those things that we as a family unit always look forward to doing. For some reason, our church decided to perform a play during the service this year. It was kind of a let down for me personally because what I get out of church is a nice message from the pastor that lifts your spirits and helps you go forward in a loving way. I sat there being annoyed the whole time with this play. Our service was an hour and 45 minutes long. And really, I kept thinking to myself, should I be getting annoyed at Christmas Eve service?

Anyway, as part of our usual pattern, we went to visit some friends after the service. We had a great time laughing and watching everyone open presents. It just felt great to be around loving friends and having a good time!
But a great thing I picked up while there was this Smirnoff Mojito drink. Wow, I never had one and boy was it good. I think I am making this my new drink! I've been backing away from Diet Coke/Diet Mountain Dew again, and I was concerned about what I was going to drink when we go out since I either drink a rum/diet coke or a margarita. Well, I think I've found it! Now I can't wait for New Year's!

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