Thursday, February 21, 2008

50th Anniversary Party

Matt's parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Dec 22. Of course there was to be a party, so we all agreed on November 17th. They had like 200 people on their list. Thankfully, the majority of those people live out of town! But of the 80 or so left, I think all of them showed up that night. We had it at our house, and it was pretty crowded. We had a really great time. I mostly enjoyed taking some time off work and spending it with my in-laws, Matt's brothers and their wives. They all live out of town and we don't get much time to spend together, but when we do, it is always entertaining! So Chris, Penny and I had a plan to get a cake, decorations, corsages and food all in one day. It was amazing how organized we were. Anyway, it was a great time. Only problem, none of us took any pictures! Here's one someone sent my father-in-law. These were the only pictures I've seen so far! What I like is each son gets his chance to speak!

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