Friday, March 07, 2008

Ahh New York

So my trip to NY was fun. I saw Gypsy and Jersey Boys. They both were really great shows! We stayed at the Essex House on Central Park South and it is a great hotel. I loved my little ice bucket and that it was filled up every night! We ate at Baldoria Monday night. The Caprese salad was fabulous. I had Ravioli Di Spinaci, which was good, but very salty. Barb had the Risotto Ai Gamberoni, which after our dinners arrived, I had wished I ordered that instead. We ordered 4 desserts and those were all great, too! Tuesday we ate at Shelly's. Since it was a fairly large group, we ate in "The Cellar". Very nice room! We had 3 choices ravioli, filet mignon and salmon. I chose the filet, it was awesome. I tasted the ravioli and it was good. I heard the salmon was good, too! Wednesday we went to the Red Eye Grill for appetizers. Those were delicious! So we ate well, walked a lot and sat in meetings a lot!

Oh, my star sightings, Cokie Roberts coming out of the ABC building, John QuiƱones walking past us on Central Park and then later that night, Jose Conseco! I yelled out his name because no one believed it was him (he turned around).

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