Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cute Baby Shower Idea

In perusing the internet, I stumbled on this website for Diaper Cakes. Oh my gosh why can't I come up with something like this? I wish I knew someone having a baby right now!

Diaper Cake
Originally uploaded by sewcuteandcrafty


Manager Mom said...

Is that really a cake, or a hood ornament? That looks REALLY hard to frost.

OH! I get it...they're rolled up diapers.

See, I am NOT too clever.

stalkermom said...

Mgr Mom you made me laugh! I was kind of blown away at first, too. But after logging onto Flickr and seeing the huge number of pictures, I'm obviously behind on the trend!

Justin Billau said...

I know someone who's having a baby!

stalkermom said...

Ok Justin, if I get invited to a baby shower, you can't give away my idea now!