Friday, May 30, 2008

Hot Dude of the Week

Matt and I have this saying - I'll mow if you trim and blow. (We should probably get that made on a T-Shirt.) We say this because I usually mow the grass but I hate trimming and blowing! So he does that part. So anyway, last night he took care of his "trim & blow" portion and I caught him in a "Hot Dude" pose.

Matt working hard
Originally uploaded by bblack3

Even though he wasn't my first "Hot Dude" post, he is my favorite!


Rhonda said...

Too funny about how you phrase it all. We do the same thing... I like to weed and feed and Peter does the riding lawn mower and all. Although, he rarely lets me near the trimmer OR the blower.

linda said...

Yep, hot dude material!

stalkermom said...

Rhonda-Weed & Feed...ha ha!

Linda-You know you're stroking his ego right now!

Spanner said...

If I was gay, I would "do" him!

Love ya!

Manager Mom said...

You just can't show a hot dude and say "trim and blow" without having madcap misunderstandings ensue!

stalkermom said...

Spanner - Ha ha! See if I leave you two alone again!

Mgr Mom - Isn't this one of Seth Goodin's traffic driving techniques?