Monday, June 09, 2008

Dad, you want to have a catch?

On my way into work this morning, on my favorite radio station (89X), Dave & Chuck the Freak were discussing movies that make men cry. They were watching it on YouTube, so of course I had to go find this. This is my most favorite scene ever! Oh and it doesn't hurt that I've always loved Kevin Costner!


Manager Mom said...

Oh. I have MAJOR father issues too and I just lose it every time I see this movie... unfortunately, I think Kevin Costner has kind of jumped the shark, what with marrying a 20 year old or whatever. And I have a friend that he hit on and she said he was kind of a sleazebag... bummer.

stalkermom said...

Yeah, marrying that 20 year-old was a bummer. He always seemed so devoted to his family before. That was probably the appeal. Your friend got hit on by him?! That makes him even ickier! I guess I have to stick with my love of Matthew Fox, even though he's a couple years younger than me!

Spanner said...

My two favorite Costner movies:

Bull Durham (I also love Susan Sarandon, not her politics though)


Tin cup.....Love Cheech!!! OH, Rene is still a winner!