Saturday, July 19, 2008

Homecoming 2009

Nadine and I had a discussion yesterday because she's only been getting scheduled to work for about 2 days a week. Someone wanted her to work for them and she said she didn't need to because she hasn't been spending any money lately so why work. Ugh! So today I get pictures from her while at the mall with friends. She wants one of these dresses for Homecoming this year. Really, who needs to work when you can just pester the crap out of your Mom?

Homcecoming Dress1
Originally uploaded by bblack3

Homecoming Dress 2
Originally uploaded by bblack3

I do like the pink one though!


linda said...

Yep...dress #2.

I know what you mean about the 2 day thing. My daughter is home from college and was supposed to work and stash away money this summer. She only works about 2 days a week...then complains and complains when its time to go to work! Needless to say, her stash is quite low!

amelia bedelia said...

You daughter is gorgeous! damn, skinny girls!!! I replied to your post you left on my blog!!

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