Saturday, August 23, 2008


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I get outside fairly early today because I HAVE to get the grass mowed before Matt gets home. Although we didn't get much rain, it still seemed to grow like crazy! Side note - I've noticed that everyone's grass is pretty brown right now. I took some advice from another blog, I think it was a finance blog, about saving money and not watering your grass everyday and keeping it at a 2" length. I guess overall it is better for your grass' roots to dig deeper into the soil and when the heat of August rolls around, the roots are deeper and can withstand the heat. So we only watered every other day and I really think it worked because ours is really still green.

Ok, back on the I haven't been feeling well (I think I have SARS), but knew I HAD to get out there today. I mow past our fire hydrant (that has been hit 6 times in the 5 years we've lived here) and out come TONS of bees. What the heck! I'm not sure what is down there that attracted them to set up house, but I was afraid I was going to get stung! I'm just glad they're over there because last year they took up shop in the corner of our house from this garden issue and it cost us $275 to have someone come out and spray our house to get rid of them.

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Spanner said...

A garden hose, about a pint of gas....Wait till dark, pour the gas in the nest, let it soak for about a minute....Light it.....Let it burn for several minutes......Problem solved......

Garden hose is for spread potential, but since your grass is so green, should not be a problem....