Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walgreens-loving them!

So I mentioned in my previous post about how I went to Walgreens in Orlando for snacks and drinks while on vacation.

I'd looked over the weekly flyer and kind of planned out what I could buy with coupons and deals. I pulled up a flyer for one of the Orlando stores and I realized the Pringles 10/$10 with $3 RR up here in Ohio/Michigan was even better down there. You got $5 RR. So there was an extra $2!

When I got home, I plugged in my receipts for the ESR, but I couldn't get back to the screen that lets you choose which rebates you're applying for. So I click through on a continue button and damn, I realized I submitted for August with only 1 rebate chosen (from a prior shopping trip). I called the help line and I get the "there's nothing we can do" line. So I figure I'm out the $9 I thought I was earning. Oh well!

So yesterday, I'm cleaning out my work email and I had gotten an email from Walgreen's saying my receipts were saved and I qualified for such and such rebates. So I got excited again because evidently if you input your receipts, you don't even have to select the rebates, they just tell you what you qualify for! So, now I'm crossing my fingers that I actually get the rebates they're showing I'm qualified to receive.

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