Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Daily Life...

Had a lot going on since Thanksgiving. Nadine had, what I'd guess will be, her final physical at the pediatricians office. She was cracking me up the whole time we were in there. She said instead of the paper "towel" they give you, it should be a skirt instead. I think we should trademark that!

She was in a hurry to get out of there because we were headed to Massillon, OH to watch the Sylvania Southview Cougars play in the Ohio State high school football championship game. Not her school, but she's got a lot of friends who play on this team, so we went. They won an exciting game, so it was worth the trip! The boy in the 7 jersey is one she dated but is still crushing on.

Also went last week to watch the University of Toledo football team play. Here's a shot of my sister texting her husband because we got stuck in the elevator for 20 minutes. Not so fun!

And here's a shot of my sweet husband who took me to lunch today. I'm not sure why he looks so angry in this picture because our lunch was so delicious!

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