Monday, April 20, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

I'm feeling kind of sad for Nadine today. She's decided to quit her last season of tennis, really before it's even gotten started.

She was coming home from every practice in tears or extremely frustrated and angry. When something comes up with Nadine and a teacher/coach, I always try to question her to see if she's telling me everything because you know, kids can leave out minor details! Taking this approach wasn't working because we ended up in a fight almost daily. Matt would listen from another room and he just felt something wasn't right. Here are some of the things the coach has done...I didn't send in the "activity fee" and he yelled at her in front of everyone on their ride to a match. She didn't hit the ball the way he liked it so he told her she sucks and to get off HIS court. He told her she has weak wrists and made her lift with a 40lb bar until her wrist cracked and she had to go to the trainer for help. And the thing that bugged me the most was that she had a fungus on her leg and in front of the team he told her that she needed to take showers more often. He then told one of the girls that she needed to call him to let him know that Nadine had showered.

We were furious, but it was spring break and we thought we'd just let it die down and see what happened once they got back to school. Well, last night, she comes in to talk to me and she's crying that she doesn't want to go to practice. So I told her that if it is bothering her this much and she's been away from it for 10 days, then it's time to just call it quits and be done with it. I'm angry that a coach could ruin someone's season so easily. I've already said something to our athletic director, but really what's going to be done at this point?


fostergram said...

What kind of coach does that? I understand that they are there to push/encourage the athletes but come they not realize when they are being too hard and downright mean!?
I am feeling for you and Nadine. I hope things get better...

Love you

fostergram said...

That was from me..charlee btw LOL

Rhonda said...

What a bully. I often think far too many people who have some authority over our kids can be like that. We teach our kids to respect...but what do you do about that? I think she made the right decision and good luck talking to those who are over him.

They always seem to have one another' back. BUT, I still would say something. Absolutely. This is one of those cases you can go directly to him and say something...if you haven't already.