Friday, July 17, 2009

Bloggers & Politics

So I read a lot of blogs. I find that I enjoy reading the fun stuff.

I get kind of angry when people make comments like...
"also, you're out of touch with the rest of the country. People want a public insurance option. It's time. The world won't end."

I begin to wonder why I liked this blogger. Is he insulting me because I don't necessarily agree with his opinion? I sent him a message and he didn't respond to me, so I figured I put it out here and MAYBE he'd respond. These were a couple comments he made and how I'd like to respond...

"the days of employer ins are numbered anyway. No way biz can keep paying. Ask GM."

Really? SOMEONE has to pay for this insurance because for sure it isn't free! Also, my FIL is a GM salaried retiree and I'd say, the problem with GM was their employees hardly paid a dime towards their insurance plans. We currently pay $3,985.80 per year for Medical, Dental and Vision insurance for a family of 3, last year my FIL COMPLAINED because his insurance was going to cost him $750 for a year. THAT'S where GM/Unions failed.

"if you have insurance now, you are already subsidizing care of others."

No, because I pay TAXES is how I am subsidizing the care of others.

"As a small biz owner, I will gladly pay into a system that helps everybody get insurance. Why wouldn't one want to do this?"

This is the comment I responded to. First, I think his business has 2 employees, so he's exempt from having to pay into the system. How righteous of him. Secondly, if he's so eager to help, when he files his taxes each year, rather than reducing his taxable income with write-offs from his business, do you think he just says "I made $100,00 this year, so I'll just pay the tax on that because I'm generous and giving!" Yeah right!

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