Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bean's Birthday

Well, I had a pretty good weekend. Bean's birthday was the 20th, so as is usual fashion, we have to celebrate for the entire weekend! We had originally planned to head to Chicago, but thankfully, we had abandoned those plans several weeks ago. It was extremely cold this past weekend.

We went to an indoor waterpark on Friday. It was quite fun! It was me, Bean, Drew, Brittany and Tommy. I of course was the odd man out, but that was ok with me, I had a supply of magazines to read! I reserved a suite with a jacuzzi, and the "couples" seemed to really enjoy it! They left me alone to enjoy the Olympics and when they returned, it seemed as though they had bought out the candy from every available source in the resort. Brittany and Tommy had to be out of the resort by 6:30 am to attend athletic functions, it was amazing that they did it since they all stayed up most of the night. After they left, the three of us fell asleep until 10. We headed home to prepare for the next event, which was a party at home with 25 ninth graders!

Drew is a year older, so he wasn't super happy about all these youngsters, but he puts up with a lot of Beans stuff, so for his enjoyment, he invited Tommy and Sam. Well, as is typical, we had a little drama. I think teenage girls in general are quite mean, so there was all this stuff about who was getting the most attention. Then the boys turn to this "I am tougher than you" stuff and I couldn't wait for it to end! The girls stayed over and talked until 4:30 am. Geez what do they have to talk about! Most of them were out by 10 am, so I cleaned up and then vegged for a few hours!

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