Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My first blog

So a co-worker and I decided that we needed to start our own blogs, she got a headstart on me, so with some funny stories to share, I thought I'd start mine today! Be nice to me, this is my first post!

Last night was an example of what a crazy life I lead. I've got a wonderful husband (Matt) and one daughter (Bean-15 next Monday). Been married for 15 years. There's plenty more to that story, but that will have to wait until later.

My Mother is in a nursing home at the ripe young age of 61. Mostly she has mental problems and some minor aging problems, but she's there because she cannot seem to hold down a job and take care of herself, so she's living "off the government". She insisted that we come to the Valentine's Day dinner that the home was providing, so I made plans for me and Bean to attend. My Sister has three children (15, 6 and 2), so plans were made for their group to attend as well. You'll note that the husbands did not attend. Hmmm!

So it was, Me, Bean, Bean's boyfriend Drew, Mother, Sister, Kayla, Zach and Maddy. Our table was at the back of the cafeteria and of the 75 people there, it took them 2 hours to serve our table. Ugh! The food was terrible and we were all cranky by the end. Great night!

Bean and I get home and realize we didn't run our errands, so back out to the store. We run into Drew (who had to leave the dinner without eating because he had basketball practice, lucky him), so she chats with him while I go and get NicoDerm patches for Matt. He's on his 7th week, so we're really proud of him! Bean decides she needs some Valentine cards, so we head over to find cards and see some stick on lips that we decide would be cute to stick on Drew's car. We head back out to the car and when we're walking up, we notice that there are penis' drawn all over my car! Someone happens to be pulling into the spot next to us and he gets out laughing his head off. I certainly can't go into work with all these penis' on my car, so I tell Bean we have to go to the u-do-it and rinse these off.

I call Drew and ask him if he's obsessed with penis, but isn't that really a dumb question to ask a 16 year-old? Of course he's obsessed with penis!

We rinse off the car and then head over to Drew's house to stick these stickers on his car. We sneak up and start putting them on the car. When we're done, I look up and notice that someone is standing on the deck looking at us. I instantly assume it is Drew's dad and I yell for Bean to run. Now, I am 41 years old, what am I doing running from a car I've just stuck lip stickers all over? Oh I crack myself up! We jump in the car and head home and hope it was Drew and not his Dad!

Well, her little show of affection must have warmed the heart of Drew because he then left two roses and a nice note for her on the porch this morning. Oh young love!

And for this crazy mother, I walk out to the car this morning and realize that rinsing the car did not remove the penis', so I spent 5 minutes wiping them off with a towel and making plans to hit the car wash for lunch!

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