Tuesday, March 07, 2006

mmm Fountain Diet Coke

So I was reading the blog by Bitchet and I just had to laugh with her about her obsession with fountain Diet Coke. I always thought I was crazy and the only one with this obsession, but I see it is a worldwide craze! Even Bean would request a fountain pop instead of a can or bottle.

And it had to be either Wendy's or Burger King's pop. I can drink McDonald's, but it is not the same. Oh, and Arby's is good, as well is most dine-in restaurants. But I'm not fond of fountain Diet Pepsi, so I would actually go to like Taco Bell, get food and then hit up Wendy's or BK to get a pop!

Then, I was sick in January, and suddenly, it was like it hurt my lungs to drink fountain Diet Coke and I could only tolerate Diet Mountain Dew from the bottle. What is up with that? So now I drink DMD at work and pick up a fountain Diet Coke at lunch.

Can you just envision the nursing homes of the future with their stock of Mountain Dew and a fountain pop machine for the residents!

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