Thursday, March 09, 2006

Service Industry Sucks

So Matt and I head out to BK for lunch today (mmm Diet Coke) and if there is one thing I hate about our service industry today, it is the way people are so rude! When the girl heads over to the register to take our order, what does she say? Not "Hi", or even "How are you today?", we get "Is this for here or to go". Then when Matt orders his combo meal, he doesn't even get to finish before she interjects with "Do you want cheese". Oh how I hate that! And it is even worse when they do it in the drive-thru.

Now, it was only a mere 25 years ago that I worked at McDonalds, and when we spoke to each other, we had to begin with "Please" and end with "Thank you" on just about everything. I think I am very greatful for that because I believe it has made me into a somewhat polite person. I was out at a dinner the other night and when the wait staff handed me something or took away something, I always said thank you. I noticed people around me didn't, but isn't that the polite thing to do?

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