Monday, July 16, 2007


Spent last week down in Orlando. Stayed at the Grand Floridian at DisneyWorld and ended up with a concierge room. I must admit, this ended up being a great service for us. I heard a woman comment that it was like being on a cruise, and I have to agree, everytime we walked through the lobby of the building, there was something to eat and drink.

This year, we had the best time just listening to other people's conversations and cracking up. Or looking at people and trying to figure out what their story was. It was really hot, so we spent a fair amount of time in the pool just checking people out. Also, Bean and her friend are 16, so we were left on our own most of the time, so we had to entertain ourselves somehow! So funniest thing we heard was this man, probably from North Carolina or Kentucky saying "Hey did I tell you how a racoon stole my wallet out of my golf bag? I found all my money in the wooooods". I cried I was laughing so hard.

We ventured out to an Outlet mall. Does anyone remember how to be polite? Ugh! But Bean did get a Coach purse for $135 (normally $400). Dad wasn't impressed!

A venture over to Cocoa Beach presented us with visions of future vacations hanging out there by the ocean. It was a nice stop!

And finally, a stop at Kennedy Space center annoyed me. It was $38 to get in. Well, we didn't pay because it was just a "hey lets go there" moment, not realizing the cost. What the hell?

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