Wednesday, August 08, 2007

White Trash

So we were pretty busy this weekend. We had a work get together to attend with softball and swimming and then later a "White Trash" party. Played softball for like 2 hours and had a great time. I probably haven't been that physical in a long time. I was hitting ok, but I've really lost the fielding capabilities I used to have!

Now the White Trash party. I didn't even tell anyone I was going to one because I just felt so bad saying it all the time! I mean really, my growing up years were probably the epitome of white trash, so I guess I have some "right" to call someone that if I want. But I've got a few friends who still kind of live that lifestyle, so I would hate to offend. But anyway, we were having a good time and Matt probably was the best dressed person there. We actually found his pants at "KMarts" for $4.80. Just too darn funny the whole thing. But as all white trash parties go, everyone was pretty drunk and we were sitting outside and the host gets out this bug sprayer and starts fogging up the place and Matt said something funny to him, so he sprayed him in the stomach. Well, it actually burned Matt in the stomach. It could have been an ER visit moment, but there were 3 nurses there, so they put some stuff on him and like the good "white trash" boy he is, he did a shot of Jack Daniels and we just partied on for a while longer. Not so funny several days later, but it is healing!
So in my opinion, he looks like Kid Rock, but he was calling himself Hulk Hogan Lite! Oh and the Dale Earnhardt shirt is actually his, don't laugh!

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