Sunday, December 09, 2007

My brush with the famous

So I saw this headline pop up on Yahoo yesterday, and it prompted me to write about my little brush with a Baldwin.

So I was in LA mid-November. I arrived at LAX and noticed some sort of "shoot" going on by the Northwest gates. Well, the line was going out the door to get through security, so of course I was annoyed. I was just minding my own, trying to get through the line. I was instructed by the Security Agent to go in the first class line, so I did. I'm just standing there, and I turn around to look at the shooting going on, and I notice a Baldwin behind me. It was one of those cartoon moments where you're like "huh"? I got all giddy because my first thought was that it was Alec Baldwin. So I was going to turn around and gush how much I love 30 Rock, but then I had this fear that maybe it was really Daniel Baldwin. So I kept trying to get a better look, but I didn't want to look like I was staring. So I got sent up the stairs, and he was still below, so I figured that was it. Well, I make my way around the lines and there we are again, preparing to go through the security lines. So I try to snap photos. Here's the first. That's him on the left, almost cut out of the picture. Not best from this damn phone I have!

So I get out of the security area before them and I think I'll be able to get a picture. But I was the only one standing there, so I didn't want to look too obvious! So I went to grab a bite to eat and positioned myself so I could see people walking by. Nothing. So I kind of give up, head for the restroom to get ready to board the plane. I hear an announcement for passenger Baldwin to head to the gate. So I hurry out of the restroom and low and behold, they come down from the VIP lounge. They don't head for the gate like most people, they go into the store and look around. So this second picture is my attempt at being a paparazzi. Not great since I put my finger in front of the lens.

So the real question is, can anyone tell if this is Alec or Daniel? Because I know I would totally be able to figure out William and Stephen, but Alec and Daniel look a lot alike!
Oh and he was wearing Ugg boots and it was 80 degrees outside.

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