Thursday, December 13, 2007

When you put yourself out there...

I read somewhere, maybe Mighty Girl, that if you start a blog, expect people to not always agree with everything you write.

Well, I stumbled upon the webiste Television Without Pity earlier this year. I started reading it while following Rock of Love. The people that post on TWOP are hilarious. The nicknames they come up with and the general information/gossip was just a fun read everyday. So I happened on the Real Housewives of Orange County board on TWOP, and again, just a good laugh everyday. But something struck me. There was all this talk of worrying the board would get shut down. I guess during on of the previous "seasons" of this show, people were giving out information too close to home for some and the board got shut down.

Well, here's my first complaint. In these times, doesn't everyone realize that there is pretty much tons of information out there on everyone? I know several years ago, you'd have to hoof it down to the local courthouse to find anything out about anyone, but times have changed. And this isn't something that has just happened, it has been years! Get over it!

Second, how self-obsessed are these women to think that they're doing this show to be role models to other women? Teaching all of us that you can work and have a family and be fun, too. And now they're surprised that some people don't like them! Come on! When you open your doors to the world, someone isn't going to like you. I mean, look at celebrities or if you dare, politicians. As soon as you put yourself out there, there is going to be someone behind you ready to find the dirt. So be sure you're prepared for it.

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