Thursday, December 06, 2007

Television Obsession

Ok, how in the world did I miss out on Kitchen Nightmares? I watched it last night for the first time and I actually felt my stomach churning with angst when Gordon was confronting one of the owner's of Peter's Italian restaurant. Holy cow that show was good. Although, I was a bit skeptical that this was really accomplished in like 5 days?

I guess I missed out on this one because I tend to watch all the reality shows on E!, MTV, TLC and Bravo. I've probably caught just about every
Real World, and only am semi enjoying this season. I wasn't sure about Keeping Up with the Kardashian's, but it has turned out to be somewhat interesting. What will be most interesting out of this show is to see how the two youngest daughters turn out. I really enjoy watching Bruce Jenner try to keep this family together. And of course this show runs along the same line as The Real Housewives of Orange County. I think the rest of the country thinks that everyone in Southern California acts and lives like this, but I was recently in LA for a company meeting, and since most of the people for this meeting were in the accounting field, you really didn't see all the "plastic" stuff like you see on TV. Since I "semi" work in the entertainment industry, I was checking everything out while we were walking around the "campus", and really, everyone there looked like everyone back here. If you took a picture of the people in that room, you wouldn't believe that most of those people live in Southern California, at least if you only believe what you see on TV!

My two favorite shows, which are probably totally opposite are
The Hills and Little People, Big World. I don't know why I like The Hills so much, other than to say that it is probably how every young 20-something would love to live their life? Interning at an awesome place, going out with your friends, hopefully having your parents pay for everything! I also like to see if I can recognize any places the group goes to. When I was in LA, I passed Ketchup on my way to check out UCLA, and how silly is it for a 40-something woman to be excited about that? Wow, while looking at the website for Ketchup, I see that it is owned by the Dolce Group, which I remember on Dr. 90210, Dr. Will Kirby mentioning he was a partner in.

Now LPBW, I just love those Roloffs! Amy and Matt are just awesome people who look like they're just trying to offer their children the best life they can. It certainly has opened my eyes to how little people get by in this world! I loved the show about their trip in the RV. My step-dad had a sister who was little and she in turn had a daughter who was little. I can remember being about 10 and she just got her driver's license and they bought her a Camaro equipped for a little person. Geez, that was 30 years ago! Anyway, I think the Roloff's are a typical family dealing with typical issues in todays world and none of the crazy stuff you see on some of these other shows.

Well, that should be enough for me, I've got some TV to watch!

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