Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fun with the kid

My husband had to go see the "Lion King" show in Detroit last night for work. He said it was awesome. He said the set design is amazing. So now I can't wait to see it for myself.

So since he was away for the night, my daughter had gone to the movies with a new guy. A couple boys from her school came over to chat and wait for her to get home to meet this new guy. Since she doesn't have any siblings, I thought it was kind of nice for these two boys to do the "big brother" thing for her. I've always liked these two, so that makes it extra nice. They were sitting around telling stories, and the new boy was very quiet, just listening and interjecting when he felt he could. I always try to include others in the conversation when you get a group of people with tons in common and one person is kind of left out. It was nice to finally see her with a guy who could get along with everyone.

And as is usual when my husband is gone, she always wants to sleep with me! She's sixteen, but I think she feels like we need to protect each other when Dad is away! Got to love that!

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