Monday, April 14, 2008

17 and knowing everything

With this blog, I've probably only posted things that I thought were funny. But yesterday was a very difficult day for us.

I enjoy reading blogs and it seems that the majority of them are people with younger children. I've read them and looked at the pictures and reminisced about my own daughter during her younger years.

We really never had a tough time with her. I hear stories from others about the struggles they have with their teenagers and I was always fairly confident that my kid was staying out of trouble. She had a steady boyfriend her first 2 years of high school, so for the most part it was calm and fun. Then they broke up. Yeah it was drama, but school was almost over, so it wasn't long.

Then it happened. The boy that parents can't stand, gets in her head and "they're meant for each other". He's in and out of her life and it is so annoying as a parent to watch this.

We had a huge fight yesterday, and it came down to me telling her to leave. I felt really bad, but something/someone puffs her up to thinking she can tell her parents how it is, and that really isn't like her. She spent the night at her Grandparents house.

Just a really crappy time.


Bitchet said...

i had a conversation last night with TGIM that we are going to have our hands full when the marbles become teenagers!!! i dread the idea of them bringing home the wrong type of guy!

Manager Mom said...

Ugh... I futurely feel your pain. My daughter is only 7 and still thinks the sun rises and sets on me...but I can already see flashes of our future. She is smart and stubborn - I wrote a post about her and I - and I can forsee the battles that we'll have someday. Like the fights I picked with MY poor mom.

For me, Karma is gonna be a bitch.