Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vote for Nadine in the Top Model Contest

Vote for Nadine at KMSeniors, she's Spokesmodel 2.

Nadine did a photo shoot with local photography studio to be a spokesmodel for Senior pictures. If she wins the contest, she earns some free Senior pictures!


Rhonda said...

Ok, I voted! May I add that the photographer is amazing. Holy cow. Good job... of course it helps that the subjects are so dang cute.

I added you to my blogroll!

stalkermom said...


She is an awesome photographer. I love the look of her photos, which is why we went to her!

Thank you so much for voting!

linda said...

Hi Stalkermom...I found your site via Rhonda...hope you don't mind.

Is Nadine your daughter? She is beautiful! I have a daughter that just finished up her first year of college at Arizona State...we live in Calif so it was hard being away from her but she did great.

I just may have to stop by that site and drop off my vote!

stalkermom said...

Hi Linda...
Glad you stopped by my site! I took a peek at yours and will add it to my daily roll!

Nadine is my daughter, about to be a senior. Your vote is much appreciated!!

We're not far behind you with regard to sending her off to school soon. She's our only child, so empty nest syndrome is coming on strong and fast!