Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I saw this picture on Suburban Bliss' Flickr site and it reminded me of the commercial I saw for a Scion TC.

We've been bowling on Friday nights with people from work and it is so funny how Matt has turned this into an obsession! He used to be so anti bowling, but now, I think he's seriously looking to buy a bowling ball. He always made fun of me because I have a ball (and shoes) and was on a couple leagues (long before I met him). The funny thing about my ball/shoes is that I got them in like 1987, so they're so out it is not even funny. Can that be true, I'm out of style at the bowling alley?

Becky Bowling
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Here are some of the guys...

Bowling Gang
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Manager Mom said...

If you can believe it, I've only bowled ONCE in my entire life...

cry it out! said...

Aren't bowling shoes supposed to be out of style anyway? They're always vintage.