Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Little Diva

I chuckled when I wrote that title because with the past couple posts, you'd think this would be about Nadine. Alas it is about Matt! A couple years ago, Matt got back into acting. He was in plays when he was in high school and I'd always hear about how great he was. Actually, he is a really great actor, at least as far as my view goes! After the shows, people (usually ladies) are always coming up to him and telling him how great he did.

So he's been practicing for "Don't Dress for Dinner" that opens this weekend. Yesterday he was telling me about what a Diva he's turned into. It started a couple months ago when the director tried telling him what to do. He said at one point he put is hand up and went "not now please". Then there was a struggle over clothing. He wanted one thing, the director wanted another. Well he wasn't having any of it, and the whispers from the costume department were "Matt can wear whatever he wants". Now they're having dressed rehearsals and he said he gets about half way through and decides he's done acting for the evening. He is just cracking me up.

I'm sure this play will be good. Matt's always good with the comedy roles.

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