Thursday, July 03, 2008

Aunt Mary/Cousin Sue, Alcohol & Meijer

After work the other night, I stopped at the liquor store to pick up some Glen Garioch for FIL and cousin Sue. I LOVE going into the liquor store! I don't know why, I just love looking at all the bottles of alcohol! Some of them are so cute! I tried taking pictures of things, but felt like some guy watching the camera in the back was going to come out and yell at me, so I only snapped a couple, like this one of all the mini bottles.

Little bottles of alcohol
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And this one of a can of beer nuts!

Beer Nuts
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Man that camera phone I wanted would have been fun!

It was weird because everyone in the store just had this "alcoholic" look about them. It kind of bothered me. I was kind of sad!

Headed over to in-laws to visit with Aunt Mary and Cousin Sue.
Here they are after a couple martini's and scotch!

Aunt Mary & Susan
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Got out of work a little early yesterday, so I thought I'd try my hand at getting some deals at Meijer. Here's a pic of what I got.

My Meijer Deal 7/3/08
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My total for all this was $40.19, which I thought was pretty good. I see all these personal finance sites where people are getting stuff for free, so I've been being more vigilant about watching for coupons! So without coupons and sales, this stuff would have been $78.62. And since Matt has hard contact lenses, his saline solution is more expensive ($8.17), so that was a large portion of the total! This saving thing is turning into an obsession.

Last night we went over to Kevin & Lee's house to just drink and burn. Had a good time. Tonight we're going out for Mexican and singing. Should be a good time. Have a great 4th of July everyone!


Spanner said...

Where is the little bottles of After Shock??????

Rhonda said...

So, have you ever been to I know they always have wonderful coupons and our store honors all of them. As does Targets and Walmarts. So, looks as though you had a great time for your 4th.

My big savings idea for the month of July is to stay away from Target. That is where I spend way too much money. I will do the coupons too... but always get behind.

have a great week.

stalkermom said...

Carl-what is After Shock? Alcohol?

Rhonda-I do print coupons from I've only had 1 incident so far with Kroger, she thought I made copies, but I explained they are printed!

I know what you mean about Target, your money just flies out of the wallet!

Spanner said...

Why yes, yes it is.....Its Cinnimon (SP) Schnapps....It has Rock Candy in the bottom of the bottle.....REAL GOOD! Hot and Sweet.....Its in Red Bottle!

Manager Mom said...

Hee... I would have guessed that Aunt Mary and Cousin Sue had had a few even if you hadn't let us know. :-)