Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh Verizon Wireless....

Bright and early last Saturday, I NEEDED to get to the Verizon store because SOMEONE in my family NEEDED to upgrade their phone right away. Couldn't go on another day without a NEW phone.

So off we go. I'm thinking I'm going to get THIS fancy thing
You know, so I can snap photos, FOR MY BLOG!

But NO...because with having a family plan, only 1 of those lines counts as a FULL line, so the other one can get an upgraded phone, just not at the wonderful $100 discounted price the FULL line gets.

So being the giving Mother that I am, I forgo the phone I want for this one...

So she can get this one...

We leave, she's ecstatic and I'm annoyed because I just paid $50 per phone, but hey one is purple (my favorite color).

I have a couple busy days at work, not really thinking about the phones when I log onto Verizon to do something for work and I see that my phone is priced at $19.99. On my way home from work I stop to see if they'll give me the new price. I get the run around about how online prices are different because...wait for know it has to come in the MAIL and WE do the setup for you. Because that part is so difficult! Ugh! So I think for $30 I am going to take this one back to the store and order the other one online.


SignGurl said...

Ugh! So freaking sick of Verizon and their crap. I've gotten the "it's different because of the online thing" crap too. I wish I didn't owe them my first born so I could change.

Rhonda said...

Why does this seem like de ja vu to me? Oh my goodness, we have had the VERY SAME scenarios.

We have Tmobile and with five lines, we are always "up for upgrade!"

So, I am always using my upgrades for phones my kids like...because heaven forbid someone has a phone longer than a year.