Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Fun

Friday night we went out for drinks and singing with our "Friday Night Gang". We had a great time. Saturday we went to a graduation party where we played softball before the party. Here's Matt prepping for a home run!

Matt's batting stance
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Sunday it was Billau's baby shower. Mandy's sister wrapped her present in camouflage paper and these cute baby Crocs. Dad-to-be Justin loves his Crocs, so of course baby Billau should have them as well. As long as he doesn't stomp any squirrels like his Dad!

Baby Crocs or Squirrel Killers?
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linda said...

They make crocs that small!?! Adorable!

Whose's having the baby? A relative...a friend?

TUTU Monkey said...

Your Banner picture is funny!!

Got to love crocs!!

"Hey Batta, batta,........Swing"

Take care....have a great day!!

stalkermom said...

Linda-She got the "Crocs" at Target, so they're not "real" Crocs. I do think they make them that small though. Matt & I work with Justin and they're part of our "Friday Night Gang", well until this baby is born!

Tutu Monkey-I was going to change my banner picture, too! We're going to Disney in a couple weeks, maybe I need to update it, especially since my darling daughter is almost 18 now!