Thursday, July 17, 2008


I never had a clue how large or small of a family I was going to have. I always thought I'd have a couple kids, but never really PLANNED anything. So poor Nadine has been left without any siblings. Well at this point anyway. When people ask if we plan to have any more children, Matt always says "That's up to my next wife". Ha!
Back in elementary school, our other child was Genna.

Nadine & Genna Polynesian Pool
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She went everywhere with us, as Nadine did with her family. Genna was the only girl in her family, so those 2 got along great.
When we moved, Nadine and Lindsay became really good friends, and now Lindsay has become our other child. Nadine spends a couple weeks up at their cottage during the summer and when she showed me this picture, I thought well I guess THESE are your siblings! Since Nadine is the youngest of these 3, it almost looks like - Lindsay the middle child gritting her teeth at the annoying younger sister. Nadine playing the part of youngest child, yeah, what up, I'm too cute, you know it! And Rachel, the oldest, OMG you both are soo stupid!

Typical Girls
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linda said...

Adorable...all of them!

I've got a son and a daughter but I've always felt sorry for my daughter...she'll never have a sister. My sister is my best friend and I'm sorry my daughter won't experience that for herself.

stalkermom said...

Oh Linda, thanks for the guilt! JK! In dealing with all the parent issues lately, I realized Nadine might have it made because she can just stick us in a home and have no one to fight her about it!