Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh my...Senior Pictures

Red Dress Senior Pictures
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We had our second "outdoor" session for Nadine's Senior pictures yesterday. Here's a shot I got of her just prior to the "Trash the Dress" shots we were going to do in the Maumee River. We had a great time. I can't wait to see how these turn out. I snapped a couple shots, you can see those on my Flickr page.


Rhonda said...

Oh I LOVED the post. My girls did a Trash the Dress Prom session last summer. It was great. Go to
and it should take you to one of the pics from the session.

When my daughter was married in Oct, her photographer asked if they would be interested in doing a professional shoot in LV.

She declined.

linda said...

Senior exciting! This will be such a fun year for Nadine and for you too!

Such a beauiful red dress...but especially the girl!

stalkermom said...

Rhonda - I loved the group shot! Nadine had 2 of her friends with her, they were supposed to bring their dresses, too, but these fickle girls didn't want to! UGH! A professional shoot in LV? Oh man, if it was a free trip, I'd have done it!

Linda - I'm getting excited for her final year of HS. I've got to add a post about that red dress...