Monday, August 18, 2008

Trash the dress

River shot
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Linda commented on the dress Nadine had on for her Senior pictures. So all you out there with older children will chuckle at this.

We'd been through a session with this photographer back in April. At that time Nadine and I "battled" about what clothes to bring. The photographer said to bring more than you think you'll need. Of course that went in one ear and out the other.

So this time I thought she'd be more into having lots of clothes with her. HA! For the studio session, she brings down blue, grey and green stuff. I convince her to grab an orange shirt she has for a change in colors. I hear the orange photos might look pretty good!

For the outdoor session, I'm thinking the yellow dress she wants to wear will be too light. So I ask her to look around at the mall for something pink or red. She had the whole day to shop at the mall. When we talk, I ask if she found anything...No, but I did buy a "Twilight" t-shirt at Hot Topic. UGH!

We head over to a different mall about an hour before her session. In a mad dash to find something, we found that red dress at Wet Seal for $21.50! I thought that wasn't a bad price to pay for a dress going in the river! It is actually really cute and hopefully she'll even wear it again, as long as it doesn't smell like the river!

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Rhonda said...

Ok, the t-shirt is something my girls would do. I gave each of my daughters 10.00 and told them to go to the 2for1 sale at Goodwill.

I thought I was being so generous.
However, they found some great dresses.