Friday, October 24, 2008

October Round Up

Ha! I've really been neglecting my blog!

Sorry to post that picture of Matt before surgery....and then NOTHING! He's doing fine. He was quite the character that day. Always the entertainer, he had the nursing staff laughing the whole time he was there. He insisted that I didn't need to take the day off of work to help him, but later in the evening, he confessed that he couldn't remember some of the things that happened after the surgery. I guess it was a good thing I stayed home!

Later that week, we had our final out-of-town wedding to attend this year. This time it was two of our co-workers tying the knot! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding. Here's one of my favorite pictures from the evening. It was an indoor/outdoor wedding, and the first dance took place in this beautiful gazebo.
Oh and you know how I LOVE wedding cakes...this one was gorgeous and it was SPICE cake, my favorite!
And so you know Matt made it through the surgery, here he is with TV's Rob Powers and the Beinings at the wedding.
The weekend before was Nadine's final Homecoming dance. She went with Callan, the son of our life-long friends Carrie & Steve. And yes, I caved on that pink dress.
And the Seniors celebrating before the final home game this year.
We traveled up to Chelsea MI for the final football game and boy was it ever sad. Our team has had losing seasons for many years. A new coach took over and there was quite a bit of banter about how this season was going to go. Of course in order for our team to make it to the playoffs this year (for the first time in YEARS), it came down to this game. Tied until the end, a couple bad calls (at least from the angle we were at), the guys lost by a touchdown. The guys came to the fence and began slapping hands of all the fans. It reminded me of that scene they kept showing after Dale Earnhardt died, the one when he won the Daytona 500 and everyone was slapping his hand as he drove to victory lane, yeah, it was that sad! But they had a great season nonetheless!

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