Friday, January 23, 2009

Cancun Spring Break 2009

I know you guys think I'm crazy for going to Cancun for spring break! We've gone to Hilton Head the past couple years, which was fine, even last year when our break ended up in early March. It's obviously warmer than up here in Ohio/Michigan, but just not that warm!

Some kids went to Cancun last year, so of course these kids thought that was great and wanted to go for their Senior year. Nadine didn't put up too much fuss that I didn't want her to go on her own, so off we went planning for this. I am sort of thankful that the prices dropped a bit. We got our 4 night trip for $685 each (flight/hotel/all-inclusive). When we were looking in late October, the prices were around $800-$900.

Also, the college spring break looks like it's in early March, so I'm thinking it won't be AS bad as it could be! Of course I'll give a full report!

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