Thursday, November 29, 2007


So I am taking a shot at this similar to what Mighty Girl suggests.

Age 1: My Dad was so happy to have a girl, he used to take me everywhere just to show off.

Age 2: I remember my parents having a fight and peeking out the door and my Dad yelled at me to get back in the room.

Age 3: He died in a car accident.

Age 4: My older brother and I had to go live with my Grandmother in West Virginia. My most vivid memory is of the stupid boy standing on a mound and then peeing on my head.

Age 5: Back in Ohio. Along comes my younger brother.

Age 6: I fall off of the steps at school and chipped my tooth. That tooth has never been the same.

Age 7: Moving around Northeast Ohio.

Age 8: I remember trying to run away and hiding in the bushes for hours.

Age 9: Loved playing softball and keeping score for the baseball games. Now, this was long ago, but we had to climb up to the scorboard and hang the numbers on a hook. We'd get a free
NeHi Soda for doing it.

Age 10: I get the sister I always wanted.

Age 11: Our friend was struck by lightning while running home. I think this always made me afraid of lightning.

Age 12: Moved to a new city. My first day of school this girl turns around and asks "are you new". The beginning of me being irritated by people!

Age 13: Ah, Junior High.

Age 14: The beginning of looking for a boyfriend.

Age 15: My friend Mary and I had a huge fight out in front of the football team during one of their practices. I remember them cheering us on to fight. Ha, if there only had been mud!

Age 16: I got my license, but since my older brother was awesome at crashing cars, I couldn't have my own.

Age 17: Probably one of my best years, until the family decided to
move half way across the state.

Age 18: Finished High School and moved back with the family. I've been here ever since!

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dianna said...

thx to share my father is pass away too..nice to meet you sis..