Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our routine

This post from Manager Mom really got me! It reminded me of a routine Nadine and I go through whenever Matt is out of town.

Back when Nadine was little, Matt worked overnight. So I got in this really bad habit of letting Nadine sleep in bed with me everynight. This continued well past Matt's move to the day shift and up until about the time Nadine was 11. Well, she had moved to falling asleep in her own bed, but would end up in our bed every night. I always justified it with "someday she'll hate us and not want to be near us, so enjoy it while we can". So yeah, by the time she hit Jr High, she's sleeping behind her closed door, oh and please close it after you give me a kiss goodnight. (I still kiss her goodnight by the way. Just a couple weeks ago when I was mad at her, she asked me why I didn't give her a goodnight kiss the night before).

But to this day, whenever Matt is out of town, she has to be at home with me and she has to sleep in my bed. I think she likes to protect me when he's gone! So when Matt went up to the Michigan NASCAR race, I woke up and looked over at her and I swear I didn't see my 17 year old grown up girl, I saw that little girl who used to sleep in bed with her Mom and Dad everynight. Ugh!

Nadine & Matt
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