Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mean Girls

So last Thursday, some of Nadine's friends decided to go paint the spirit rock at school with the updated "Seniors 2009". The picture above is the job they did, which I thought was pretty good!

Now a little backstory. Nadine met Drew back in the summer of her 8th to 9th grade year. He is part of the class of 2008, and there is a ring of girls that, in their words, "OWN" everything. To this day, I refer to this group as the "Mean Girls". Well, when Nadine and Drew decided to date, these girls basically kicked Drew out of their "club" and minorly harassed Nadine for the next year and a half. It got extremely out of control when they broke up last year. You'd think these girls would have been happy they got their favorite guy back, but instead, they turned up the harassment big time. I would get a text from her during the day begging me to come and get her because they were being so mean. We had to threaten police intervention, and after that it kind of died down. School got out and things seemed ok. The new year seemed promising, well until the distraction with the stupid boy she decided to date. Anyway, she ended up being in a class with the one girl in the group who always wanted to date Drew and at that point actually was/is dating him. We've always taught Nadine to be a good person, so during all of this, as much as we wanted to retaliate, we always chose to take the high road. Nadine had put a picture with her and Drew and another couple on her Facebook page. The next day, this girl storms into the class and stands over Nadine telling her she must remove the picture. I was so proud of Nadine because she remained calm and asked what the big deal was. This girl told her she was pathetic and Drew didn't like her so take if off. Well, Nadine wasn't going to be bullied by her anymore and refused. This girl walked away in a huff. These girls wrote nasty stuff on her car windows, floured her car, egged our house and just made things difficult for her these past couple years.

So to wrap this long story up, the morning after they painted the rock, "someone" painted 2008 over it and blacked out Nadine's name. FOR REAL? So the girls went back over and fixed it. So Nadine drove past today and saw that they AGAIN had sprayed out her name. Can you believe that? Matt says these girls are intimidated by her and that is why, even after being out of school for 3 weeks with no contact, they still feel the need to harass.

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Manager Mom said...

that is SO sad. I am dreading those days. My girl is just 7 but already there are some queen bees in her class that pick on some other kids... Your daughter sounds like she is strong and with a good head on her shoulders. I got picked on a lot in jr high and high school. I wouldn't wish it on anyone...